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We provide data analytics services along with web app development.

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I am passionate about data. After spending years in data analytics, I look forward to serving your data needs. 

From data engineering to visualization, I am confident we can help you reach your goals.

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We value relationships over profits. Healthy relationships built on honesty are the core of building trust. We value trust and respect.


No matter your needs, we focus on providing solutions that meet your goals. Whether web design or video editing, we strive to grow and succeed together.

Data Analytics Engineering

After 10+ years of working in data analytics, we are confident we can take you from data engineering to visualization

Web Apps

Web development for your project needs ranging from WordPress development to complex systems.



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What Customers Say

Okay, there are no words to describe the awesome customer service and quality work that StarWorx services provide. They are very detailed, knowledgeable, and informative. Before I go anywhere else I always go to them for all my marketing needs and website creation services. Thank you, Don and Simon, for always providing such quality services.

Shicreta M.

Owner, Passion 4 Purpose Publications

“I truly could not be happier with the service I received at StarWorx Services! Expecting the bare necessities, I ended up with a cornucopia of value! From start to finish, their work was creative, friendly, affordable, professional, and timely! As well, I was very impressed with the wide variety of services they offer, which saved me time, money, and the worry of having to go elsewhere for each component of my online business, and my website looks gorgeous!”

Sarah R.

Owner, BestFoot Résumé